Years ago, when I first stood on the beach in Naples Florida, watching the sun set on the Gulf of Mexico, I was in a state of awe.  I had a camera with me and took photos, but I was completely let down when viewing them later for they failed to capture the expansiveness of view, the enormous feeling of freedom and extreme peacefulness of the experience.   I guess in that moment on the beach it became a quest of mine to try and capture something of that experience to share, to move and to inspire.  Now, years later I have captured many photos of sunsets from the beaches of Naples – hopefully, with a few of them, I have begun to succeed at reaching the goal of my quest…

Most of the items here will be featured, along with many others, in a limited-edition coffee table book of the same name, “Naples Vista”, to be published later this year.  Additionally, the majority of items here will be made available as signed and numbered limited-edition art photo prints.

This site is a work in progress, a gallery of available prints will be added soon, and I will be making new posts to the photo blog often.

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